The Vered Salon Difference

Founded in 2001, Vered Salon is your go-to Hair Extensions & Color Salon in Los Angeles. We’re committed to making you look your best, every day of the week. We offer top-of-the-line brands and bespoke treatments. Book an appointment today!

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B & A “Micro ​Keratin Hair Extensions” for Fine Hair!

Vereds custom technique of Fine Hair application "Micro Keratin Bonding"

✔ Nano Bonding

✔ Easier on your hair

✔ Natural-looking

Celebrity stylists like Vered have sworn by "Micro keratin hair extensions" for years. Why? Micro Keratin hair extensions bond individual strands of high-quality extensions to your hair to strategically blend in, even with a fancy updo. They’re much easier and healthier on your hair than traditional hair extensions and provide a natural, low-maintenance solution for a glamorous look.


Invisible Tape-Ins

The secret to sleek, sexy hair.

 ✔ Seamless

✔ Lightweight

✔ Undetectable

Shhh… Vered’s exclusive line of invisible tape-in hair extensions and ponytail extenders are discreet in application and anything but in style and volume. It’s one of the newest trends of the hair and beauty world, and we’re here for it.


Russian Hair Extensions

Only the finest of materials, yet the fullest of volume.

✔ Natural

✔ Long-lasting

✔ Voluminous

Russian hair extensions are considered one of the best hair extensions available.

Many hair extensions are treated with harsh chemicals to give them an artificial shine, while Russian hair extensions are filled with natural beauty, just like you.

Their durability shines just as much as its silky smooth sheen, volume, and length.  We use Russian hair extensions because we want your lust-worthy locks to last.