1) Fusion- A few strands at a time are bonded on to your hair with a keratin bond 1/2" away from your scalp. The amount of hair is usually determined by how many bundles of hair you would need, each bundle has 25 pcs.on average it is about 4-8 bundles.

These kind of Hair Extensions lasts up to 6 months without any maintenance and are the preferred method as they are the most natural looking method.  

2) Ultrasonic wave- ​5 pcs of nylon bonds are automatically attached to your own hair with a Laser beamer gun. (each pc has a few strands on it)

The bonds come out flat and in bunches of 5 pcs at a time. They also last up to 6 months without any maintenance.

This is considered to be a cold fusion.

3) Microbeads- Each pc of hair extensions had a few strands of hair and is bonded on with glue to form a "shoe lace" like bond that will fit into a copper cylinder and then enclosed with a pair of hair pliers. This method needs maintenance every 6-8 weeks to insure no slippage.

you can reuse this hair up to a year with maintenance.

4) Cold glue- This method is not offered in many salons as it is a unique way of attaching hair extensions as the bond is actually a cold glue made for hair.

With this method you can reuse the hair as well.

​The bond does turn out to be very strong and a bit bigger then the keratin bond therefore is ideal for thicker hair.

Tape/ Skin Weft-

This method of attaching hair is also a popular method as its the fastest and flattest technique.

The tape comes in different sizes and is reusable as well. You will need maintenance of every 6-8 weeks and will be able to retape once or twice after the initial application.

Although because of how wide the tape (1"-2") it is not recommended for active client that like to wear your hair up a lot or sweat a lot from working out or any other reason as the tape is not as strong as the keratin or any other individual method.

Top pieces-

These are made for women that are thinning on top and cannot add hair extensions as they will not be able to cover with their own hair or just want a fuller look on top.

They come with clips so you can remove easily.

Even if your hair is normal to full its a nice way to get a style quick with out having to style your own hair before going out.

It is a thicker and bulkier look then hair extensions but  it is a great solution for those in need.

Clip in-

Clip ins come in a few different size pieces.

They are custom made specifically for your needs.


-Virgin Russian Hair

-Processed Russian hair

-Mixed European Hair

-Italian Hair

-Indian Hair

-Asian Hair


Vered Salon offers different textures to match yours.

Although we make sure that any hair you get from us will always be the top quality so therefore sometimes curly hair extensions will not come in every hair type.

Wavy hair is the most popular which it does come in every method we offer, and straight hair is also another popular choice.


We mostly use 18"-22" but if you need any other length, we can get that as well.


hair extensions for thin hair