I dream of hair..Part Two.. HAIRDREAMS EXTENSIONS


Hello Part 2.. 

So this mornings post was all about my romance with my Brazilian Blowout..  This afternoon is all about my love affair with my 20 inch long hair extensions by HAIRDREAMS...again done by the awesome Vered at the Vered Salon.. She is a woman of many talents!

So this post requires a little BACKSTORY..

I was approached about a year ago
to try out HAIRDREAMS.. but fear of the word BONDED stopped me dead in my tracks. 

bonded |ˈbändid|
1 join or be joined securely to something else, typically by means of an adhesive substance, heat, or pressure.    

There were so many questions.. Will my hair fall out?  How do you get them out.. How on earth do you put them in?

A year later sitting in the Vered Salon surrendering to the likes of the "BOND"... and I am so glad I did..



I won't get into all the specifics that changed my mind.. Let's just say I did a whole lot of research before I put my foot all the way in the door.

I sat in the chair with hair a few inches past my shoulders and three hours later left with hair longer than I have ever had in my life.  I figured if I was going to go for it.. GO HARD! 



So basically .. Vered orders the super high quality HairDreams hair to perfectly match your color and texture and they come ready to be individually bonded into place.. My hair naturally has tones of brown and red.. so Vered ordered accordingly.


The result is so very different from the normal track and sew extensions that I am accustom to.  This hair moves with you...ponytail and all.. and is virtually undetectable.. unless of course you really decide to dig your hands in there.  No more ducking and diving when your man goes to touch your hair.. and you ladies know exactly what I am talking about.

Now picking back up on Part One of this post.. Vered and I opted for a Brazilian Blowout because with the bonded extensions extreme heat will melt the bonds.. So with the Brazilian Keratin treatment I am able to simply blowdry the roots at a safe distance and apply more heat to the ends. Those with naturally straight hair need not pay attention to the previous paragraph. 


Now I thought I would include a little of the research I did. Just so you can get a better understanding of the process.

For the installation process CLICK HERE

For the removal process CLICK HERE

For lengths CLICK HERE

For hair care CLICK HERE



I've had my HairDreams bonded individual extensions for about two weeks now and I absolutely adore them.. Not only are they super easy to maintain..I've washed them several times already.. but they make me feel super sexy.  I adore and have had all lengths of hair... including darn near a buzz cut (may those pics never surface) but unreasonably long locks are by far my favorite so far..


Contact Vered for your Holiday HairDreams..


Taye ;)

Vered Salon



Vered Salon

8252 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 655-3030

Vered Valensi, owner of Vered Salon, is Hollywood’s go-to stylist when it comes to hair extensions. Valensi’s charismatic energy trickles into her salon and will make your afternoon appointment feel like a date with your girlfriends. Vered Salon uses several hair-extension techniques, so talk to your stylist about the best options for your hair type and length. The methods range from permanent (three to five months) to temporary (clip-in, clip-out) and include fusion, bonding, micro, heat seal, string, tape, man-made skin, clip-in and do-it-yourself.




• Don’t fall asleep with wet hair—it creates tangles and the moisture can break down the bonds.
• Don’t allow hair to air dry—again, the bonds will loosen with moisture which can lead to bond breakage.
• Saltwater and chlorine will break down the bonds, so if you swim, coat hair with conditioner and braid it. Once you’re finished, shampoo and dry your extensions immediately.
• Use a good conditioner made for extensions to keep hair hydrated and supple.
• Try to avoid daily shampooing. Alternate with dry shampoo, which places less tension on the bonds.
• Sleep on a satin pillowcase to prevent roughing up strands.
• Never place a hot curling iron or flat iron directly on the bonds.
• Brush, brush, brush!  Regular brushing with a tool designed for extensions prevents tangling. “Section the hair, get right at the scalp with theHairdreams Extension Brush and work it through,” says Prema. “It will glide right over the bonds and keep hair smooth and tangle-free.”
• Come into the salon for periodic maintenance to help “tidy-up” the hair extensions. “Regular check-ups are recommended to keep the hair extensions in tip top shape,”

Finding the right hair extensions salon..

"If your hair has always been fine and never really grew out then having beautiful, long, luscious hair is a dream come true."

Vered Valensi is known as the "Guru of Hair Extensions”..

Being voted the #1 salon to go to for Hair Extensions on the east and west coast,

Vered Salon has earned a reputation for being the most knowledgeable and experienced hair extensions salon.

Having extended lots of hollywood starlets hair, including socialites and hollywood babes… we are now the #1 salon to go to for fuller, thicker and longer manes.

Our preferred method of choice are the Keratin micro bond ,

(Individually bonded hair extensions)

We only use The best hair available and the safest methods of attachment.

We also offer Russian Tape extensions & Russian Clip in Hair Extensions.

We believe that you get what you pay for! so doing it your self or looking for the cheapest hair extensions is not the smartest way to go about looking for the right hair extensions salon. 

Looking for the best quality hair extensions and the best hair extensions is most important, then finding a salon that is busy enough with extensions and that does them on regular basis is also very important.

At Vered Salon Hair extensions are our main focus although we do offer all other hair services.

Vered Salon is unique because most other salons focus on all other hair service but have “Hair Extensions” as an option on the Service Menu where we mostly do Hair Extensions although color and cuts are a part of creating the whole look.

Note: If your hair is very fragile and not very strong (pulls out easy out of your scalp) then expect to see some kind of damage over the years of wearing any kinds of hair extensions.

We believe in educating our clients on "the good and the bad" and teaching them the best ways possible to take care of their own hair and of their hair extensions.

At Vered Salon there is no “One size fits all”!

Every one is unique and has different needs, so when you come in for a consultation you can be sure that you will get the best quality products & method of Hair Extensions that will best suit you, your hair & your lifestyle.

We do custom work only! 

one size does not fit all!

Price is per job so a consultation is always advised although we do not charge for a consultation since we do believe that once you come in and see for yourself you will realize that we are the best salon to trust with your hair extensions.

We promise to always do our best work installing and removing your extensions as those are very important factors in achieving the best possible results with the least amount of damage to your hair.

Our extensions will last up to 6 months .. depends on your hair texture!

Please take a look at our photo gallery for more of our beautiful clients that have had their hair enhanced at Vered Salon.