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Welcome to Vered Salon Blog for the latest fashion and Hair Trends in 2023

Hair accessories aren't just making a comeback; they're set to be one of the defining style statements of the year. If you ever catch yourself scrutinizing your reflection, thinking your hair could use a touch of flair, you're not alone. Whether it's one of those days where your curls won’t cooperate, or your bangs decide they want a front-row seat to the show, we have some trendsetting solutions for you. Let’s navigate the world of hair accessories, guided by a few celebrities who’ve nailed the look.

Catherine Zeta-Jones paired with a look from Mansur Gavriel, both showcasing the stylish revival of the scrunchie as a modern hair accessory
Catherine Zeta-Jones and Mansur Gavriel's runway redefine elegance with the reimagined scrunchie, bringing 80's charm to contemporary fashion

History often repeats itself, especially in fashion. Recollect the ‘80s, a time when scrunchies were the crown jewels of ponytails everywhere. If the shows "Saved by the Bell" or "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" spring to mind, you're on the right track. But today’s scrunchie isn’t about puffed-up perms and exaggerated bangs. It's about subtlety and class. The Mansur Gavriel show this season showcased an understated, low-slung ponytail wrapped in a scrunchie – effortlessly elegant. Catherine Zeta Jones showcases this trend impeccably. Spot her in a monochromatic ensemble of deep wine shades, with her scrunchie, coat, and sunglasses echoing the same luxurious hue.

Catherine Zeta-Jones & Mansur Gavriel - Reinventing the chic scrunchie for the modern age.

Navigating the growing-out phase of bangs can test even the patient among us. That in-between length can be puzzling to style. Enter barrettes. Think of them as upgraded bobby pins, bringing grace while ensuring functionality.

Doutzen Kroes elegantly sporting a hair accessory from the Versace Spring 2018 collection, exemplifying the season's top trend
Doutzen Kroes showcases an impeccable interpretation of Versace's Spring 2018 hair accessory trend

Doutzen Kroes exhibited this trend beautifully at the Versace Spring 2018 . Her golden hair clips, coupled with eye makeup in the same shade, were the epitome of elegance. Golden glamour with Doutzen Kroes - From the runway to everyday chic. For those truly trying times when the hair simply refuses to cooperate, we turn to the ever-faithful hat. From the timeless baseball cap to the stylish beret, hats are more than just a cover-up; they're a fashion statement.

, proving that even on your worst hair days, style needn't be compromised.

Bella Hadid in a leather beret, vibrant red lipstick, and retro sunglasses, showcasing the latest hair accessory trend
Bella Hadid epitomizes modern elegance with a leather beret, bold red lips, and vintage-inspired sunglasses

Bella Hadid’s statement - Elevating the hat game with panache. Explore, experiment, and embrace the transformative power of hair accessories this year. Your hair is a canvas, and these accessories? They're your palette.

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