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Top Hair Extension Techniques from Hair Professionals

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

blonde girl installing keratin hair extensions on a female model's hair.
Keratin hair extensions reuse

Whether professionally applied or installed by individuals, hair extensions have a tremendous global impact on hair styles from celebrities, brides, teens, business woman, and young adults. Increasingly, people are seeking out expert salons to make their hair thicker, longer and more beautiful for everyday wear using real hair extensions. There is a plethora of different types of hair extensions as well as various strategic methods to applying them. The different methods of applying hair extensions includes; Fusion and infusion, bonding, micro, heat seal, string, tape, man-made skin, clip-in, and do-it-yourself. Fusion & Infusion Method Fusion is a more permanent technique that can last up to 3-5 months. The extension hair is applied with a hot or cold form of adhesive. The adhesive can be a keratin based product or other natural-based products that are non-damaging to your own hair. There are several types and variations of adhesives available, including waxes and medical grade adhesives. Infusion is a top hair extension technique where human hair is attached to an individual's naturally growing hair. The individual hair strands used for the Infusion technique is called "Pre-tipped". Infusion techniques differs from others because it does not use glue, tubes, clamps or braiding, no equipment, and can last up to twice as long. Extension hair applied in wefts is called fusion, and extension hair applied strand by strand is called infusion. A weft is made from human hair which is woven into a mesh. It looks like a little curtain of hair attached together at the top and free flowing at the bottom. The best wefts are handmade, but can be made by machine. The benefit of having them handmade is that you can perfectly customize it to fit your head, and own hair color. Strand by strand is a bond made of special polymers that are pre-attached to small groups of hair to form a strand. Fusion Methods include: Balmain, Cinderella, Extend Magic, Extend USA, FL Hair, Garland Drake, Great Lengths, Hair Compounds, Hairdreams, Hair Xtend, Lord & Cliff, Mega Hair, Monkey Barrz, Racoon, Super Hair Factory, So.Cap, TressAllure Strands, Ultra Strands, Luxyhair, chaviv hair, Tatiana keratin, glamseamless, Donna Hair, Bellami Hair, Cashmere Hair, The Hair Shop, Richy Hair, Vario clip in hair extensions, Kinkistry, Indique hair, HotHeads, Boho locks, Beverly Hills hair extensions. Bonding Method Bonding is a techniques that utilizes glue or adhesive material that is brushed onto the weft of the extension hair which is then applied to the root of the individual’s hair. The extensions can easily be removed with a bonding remover. Bonding is one of the most commonly known methods as it is much quicker than fusion. Bonding Methods include: ChrissyV, Garland Drake, Jeffrey Paul, Super Hair Factory Micro Methods Using the Micro technique the extension hair is attached to an individual’s natural hair with tiny links, sleeves, locs or shells which can match hair color. The hair extensions are pre-tipped with polymer. The extension is slipped into a tiny soft sleeve along with some of the individual’s natural hair. The sleeve is gently heated with a heating apparatus. The heat shrink wraps the sleeve and attaches the extension hair to the natural hair. The individual’s natural hair does not come in contact with heat, as only the tip of the extension hair is heated. The shells and links can be reused, typically up to three times. Micro Links, Clips, Locs, Sleeves Method includes: Bellargo, DreamCatchers, Eurolocs, Hair Locs, Mark Barrington Heat Seal The heat seal technique is used solely with synthetic extension hair. Strands of synthetic fiber hair are first braided into and wrapped around the individual’s natural hair. Then a low temperature heat is applied to shrink down the synthetic fibers and form a seal that will secure the extension hair attachments in place. Heat seal extensions will last approximately four months. When the time comes to remove them, they are simply twisted to crack the seal. The extension hair cannot be reused. Heat Seal Method includes: Dome, Pro Styles String Method String technique involves sewing or attaching the extension hair to the individual’s natural hair by using string, thread, or special strands. The individual’s natural hair should first be cornrowed in the direction they want the extension hair to follow. A crochet needle is used to sew the individual strands of extension hair into the tracks created on the head with cornrows. A filament string can also be utilized. In this case, strands of hair extensions are attached to a filament string. The string is then attached to the individual’s natural hair. There is no damage to the natural hair because the tension is kept even across the whole braid. In addition, there are no glues, waxes, metal clamps, or other bonding agents used. The individual’s natural hair is able to effectively grow out underneath the extensions without damage. String, Thread, Special Strands methods include: Akinda, Hair Police, Jeffrey Paul, Microchet, Micro Point, Sequencing Tape The Tape method has two different techniques used in applying hair extensions which are called the sandwich, and single method. The sandwich method, which is great for adding volume, involves applying a section of the individual’s natural hair and applying one weft above it and one weft below it, sandwiching the natural hair between the two wefts. The single method, which is relatively easy and good for adding length, involves taking a section of the individual’s natural hair and applying the weft above it. Various types of two-sided tape are used to attach hair extension wefts or strands. The Tape Extensions are flexible and can be attached for temporary or long-term wear. Tape method include: Extend Magic, TressAllure, Ultratress Man-Made Skin Man-made skin technique involves attaching the extension hair to skin toned polyurethane blends which is then grafted to the scalp. Extension hair is attached one single strand at a time using a 'V' looping technique. This type of hair extension is designed for thinning hair, or even bald spots. The adhesive used to graft the polyurethane skin to the scalp should be FDA approved medical grade adhesive. Several separate colors are blended in each hair addition to provide a natural appearance. An air tight and water tight seal is created to allow 5-8 weeks of secure attachments. The client’s hair will continue to grow while the grafted hair addition remains securely attached to the scalp. The skin lies completely flat making it very comfortable to wear and sleep. It typically takes less than three (3) hours to apply a full head of extensions. Man-Made Skin companies includes: Invisible Hair, Sequencing Clip-in These hair extensions are constructed with either human hair or synthetic fibers, both looking very natural, but the human hair of course can be colored and styled to match your own hair color, making it the preferable option. Clip-ins hair extensions are lightweight and can easily and quickly be applied to add length and/or volume to hair without damaging the natural hair. Clip-ins can be straightened, curled, or waved, and are also available in both 100% human hair and synthetic hair. Although both look very natural, the human hair of course can be colored and styled to match your own hair color, making it the preferable option. Although clip-in hair extensions sound easy to use and install, it usually still requires an experience stylist to make the individual’s hair look natural and professional. Hair clip extensions go by various names and are sometimes referred to as clip hair, clip extensions, extensions clip, clip on hair, clip in extensions or clip in hair pieces. Clip-in methods: Garland Drake, His and Her, Clip Ins by Carol, HairDo Hair Extensions, Folica Do it yourself It is strongly recommended that you do not try to put in hair extensions by yourself. We realize that there are many people that will still try. So, if you are brave enough to try and apply your own hair extensions we wish you all the luck. Do it yourself methods: Shrinkies, Protac, Super Hair Factory, and Tiffany Twist


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