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A woman with a bright smile wears platinum blonde, Russian weft hair extensions, complemented by a lilac dress and matching gloves.

Beaded Weft Extensions,a.k.a. Invisible Weft Extensions Description:

Hey there! So you're curious about stepping up your hair game with Beaded Wefts, also known as Invisible Weft extensions, huh? They're like the ninja warriors of hair extensions – there but hardly visible. These beauties are attached to your hair with tiny beads and wefts of hair that lay flat against your scalp, making them super discreet. It's like your hair got a volume and length boost overnight, no biggie.


  1. What exactly are Beaded Weft extensions? Think of them as your hair's new best friend. They're strands of hair attached to a weft and secured to your own hair with tiny beads. Super sleek and pretty much invisible!

  2. Will they match my hair texture? Totally! They come in all sorts of textures to blend in with your natural hair.

  3. How long do they last? With proper care, these bad boys can hang out in your hair for 6-8 weeks before needing a tune-up.

  4. Can I style my hair as usual with these extensions in? For sure! Curl, straighten, or go wild with updos. Just be gentle around the beads.

  5. Are they hard to maintain? Nah, just give them some love like you would your own hair. Brush gently, wash with care, and use good quality products.

  6. Do Beaded Weft extensions damage your hair? Not if you treat them right. Make sure a pro puts them in and takes them out, and you're golden.

  7. How long does my hair need to be to get them? Usually, as long as it’s about 6 inches, you're good to go.

  8. Can I hit the gym or swim with them? Absolutely! Live your life. Just keep the chlorine and saltwater to a minimum and wash after sweating a lot.

  9. Will the beads be visible if I have thin hair? They're designed to be super stealthy, so even with thin hair, they shouldn't be shouting for attention.

  10. How do I know if Beaded Wefts are right for me? If you want some extra length and volume without the world knowing your secret, they could be your perfect match. Have a chat with your stylist to make sure.

Why Hand-Tied Extensions are the Secret to Lush, Full Hair

Ever daydreamed about flaunting thick, flowing locks that turn heads wherever you go?


Well, hand-tied extensions at Vered Salon might just be the pixie dust your hair has been waiting for!


Picture this: voluminous, bouncy hair that blends so seamlessly with your natural strands, even your BFF can't tell the difference.

Sounds like a dream, right? Let's dive into the magic of hand-tied extensions and why they're all the rage.


Hand-tied extensions are not your average hair boosters. These babies are tied by hand (yep, you guessed it!) onto a tiny, discreet weft, making them super lightweight and comfortable.


The real kicker? They lay flat against your head, giving you that natural look without any bulky feels. It's like your hair, but with a sprinkle of fabulous.


Now, for the cherry on top, hand-tied extensions at Vered Salon are custom-matched to your hair color and texture. We're talking tailor-made luxury that elevates your hair game to celeb status.


Whether you're craving length, volume, or a bit of both, these extensions are your ticket to hair nirvana.


But wait, there's more! One of the biggest perks of hand-tied extensions is how gentle they are on your scalp and natural hair. No stress, no mess, just gorgeous hair day in and day out. And when it's time for a touch-up, the removal process is a breeze, ensuring your hair stays healthy and happy.


So, ready to take the plunge and transform your locks with hand-tied extensions? Vered Salon is your go-to spot for that mane makeover you've been dreaming of. Book your appointment today and let's make hair magic happen together!

Blonde woman in a hat, showcasing her lustrous hand-tied weft extensions, seated on steps, dressed in a chic black top.


Get ready to add some serious oomph to your locks with our easy-peasy guide to Beaded Weft Extensions! This is the lowdown on how to get that voluminous, swoosh-worthy hair you've been dreaming of, all thanks to the magic at Vered Salon.


Step 1: The Meet & Greet


Kick things off with a chit-chat session with our hair maestros. We'll gab about your hair dreams, assess your natural mane, and pick out the perfect weft match for you.


Step 2: Prep Work


Your hair gets a spa-like shampoo session to make sure it's all squeaky clean and ready for some extension love.


Step 3: The Bead Brigade


We'll line up tiny, discreet beads along your hairline - think of them as the unsung heroes holding the fort down.


Step 4: Weave Wonder


Next up, we gently weave the weft extensions through the beads, securing them in place for that seamless blend with your natural hair.


Step 5: Snip & Style


Our scissors come out to play, trimming and blending your new locks to perfection. Then, it's styling time to give you that jaw-dropping, Insta-worthy finish.


Step 6: Care 101


Before you sashay away, we'll spill all the beans on keeping your extensions looking salon-fresh. Spoiler alert: it's all about the TLC!


And just like that, you're all set to rock those luscious, beaded weft extensions. Ready to turn heads and break hearts? We thought so. See you at Vered Salon!

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