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Radiant blonde with long, voluminous hair, showcasing stunning hair extensions and color work from Vered Salon by Vered Valensi

The Micro keratin- Bonded Hair Extensions are suitable for all hair density

Most discreet and safest method

Who is the best candidate?

1) Clients with fine hair density at the roots.2) Have short hair and need extensions placed in areas that other methods cannot place.3) Prefer a method of hair extensions that will last the longest without any maintenance.4) Work out on a regular basis and need to wear their hair up.5) want the most natural look.

Blonde Keratin hair extension bundles displayed elegantly on a table."

Benefits of Micro Bond hair extensions?


The keratin bonds are much smaller than the average bonds making them ideal for fine hair clients. 

This method of hair extensions is a specialty and is not offered in many salons as a high level of technical skill is needed to perform this service.


Micro Bond Hair Extensions are the same method as the Keratin Hair extensions but in a micro size.

They are the only method that will last up to 6 months without any in salon maintenance.

A micro keratin bonded hair extension, showcasing the remarkably small and seamless keratin bond

What are Micro Bonds?

Micro bonds are made of Keratin resin which is the same protein found in our hair in nails. They are formed by hand and each bond is adjustable in size. They are matched in size according to the density of your hair. The keratin bond is very small and discreet especially when the color of the keratin resin & hair matches your root color. This method of hair extensions will achieve the most natural look in the safest way possible with hair extensions.

How much do they cost?

Our Micro Bond hair extensions service includes the price of the hair and the installation in one clear price.

Micro Bonds are not reusable.

Frequently asked questions

common questions asked...

 1) Am I a good candidate for Micro Bond hair extensions? 

Micro Bond hair extensions are best suited for clients with fine to normal hair density. thick hair clients are most benefited from our Tape-In or Micro Ring methods.

2) Can I achieve long hair with Micro Bond hair extensions? 

Yes! Micro Bond Keratin hair extensions are best suitable to add length and volume for those looking for a natural look.

3) How long can I wear this method of hair extensions?

No maintenance is necessary with the Micro Bond Keratin method as they will last up to 6 months. Home care is an important factor when it comes to the life of these bonds (attachments). Taking care to dry the keratin bonds whenever they are wet or damp with a blow-drier (on cool) will keep the bonds strong. 

If your scalp is warm or sweating after a workout, blow drying the scalp area where the bonds are is key to being able to wear this system for up to 6 months. 

4) Can I wear the Micro Bond hair extensions only for volume?

Yes, you can choose between getting a partial or a full application. A partial will only be to add volume without any length.

5) How many packs do I need for Length & how many for volume only?

The amount of Keratin Micro Bonded hair extensions you will need to add length depends on a few factors. If your natural hair is thick then you will need more than someone with thin hair. If your hair is shorter then you'll need more bundles than someone with longer hair. On average you will need 4-8 bundles for Length & 2-4 bundles for volume. We offer a complimentary consultation to determine your exact hair extension needs and will be able to give you an exact quote at that time.

Home care for Tape in hair extensions

1) How do I wash my Keratin Micro Bond extensions?

A clean, sulfate-free shampoo that won't leave a residue on your hair is vital.

We recommend using the Authentic Beauty Concept line as their products are all vegan and cruelty-free! not to mention very clean and will not leave a residue on your hair.

2) Can I sleep with wet hair?

Sleeping with wet hair in general is never a good idea. When hair is wet it can be easily damaged and tangled. we recommend drying your hair first with a microfibre towel, removing the excess moisture first then using a blowdryer on either cool or low heat to make sure the Keratin bonds are completely dry. This will ensure a long-lasting hold and will prevent damage to your hair.

3) Can I shampoo my hair in the sink?

The best way to shampoo hair extensions is in the shower while your hair is falling naturally. Washing your hair in the sink can cause tangling and dreading to your hair extensions.

4) Which styling products are recommended with the invisible tape in extensions? 

Any products that are alcohol-free and as clean as possible. We do recommend the Authentic Beauty Concepts collection they are certified vegan, clean, cruelty-free, and free of microplastics, mineral oils, parabens, and artificial colorants.

5) Sleeping with hair extensions

To avoid getting your hair tangled and causing damage while sleeping, we recommend brushing your hair extensions with a natural boar bristle brush down to the roots (part your hair in sections if it's too thick and hard to get to the scalp) therefore removing the loose hair that we lose naturally every day (100-150 hairs a day ). When wearing hair extensions it is much harder for the loose hair to fall since it can get stuck in the bond. When brushing with a boar bristle or a soft bristle brush, you are helping that hair fall out naturally, therefore, preventing any dreading or knotting. Please brush carefully. You can use a Wet brush or any brush that has soft flexible bristles to detangle the hair before using the boar bristle brush. We recommend having 2 types of brushes, a Wet brush with soft lasting bristles ( make sure the plastic bristles do not have a ball on the tip) and a Boar bristle or a soft hair-like bristles brush.

Braiding your hair in 2 loose braids is found to be the most comfortable to sleep in and prevents the hair from tangling while sleeping.

Avoid pulling your hair up in a high ponytail at all times, even when sleeping.

This could cause damage to your hair. 

If you prefer to wear your hair in a ponytail, we recommend using a soft scrunchy that is not too tight.

6) Working out with hair extensions

If you work out and have to pull your hair back, please pay attention to always wearing your hair in a low ponytail or braids and not putting too much tension on your scalp.

A most important detail to remember with any hair extensions is to never get any oils or thick conditioner on the roots as that will cause the extensions to loosen up.

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