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How to style Hair Extensions?

Step into the world of Vered Salon, a mecca of transformative beauty and unparalleled hair extension expertise. We're not just a salon, we're creators of confidence, architects of artistry, and specialists in Micro Keratin Hair Extensions. With a diverse range of solutions from Tape-In extensions to Micro Bead Weft extensions, Microlinks extensions, and Clip-In extensions, we've got every style, every occasion, and every woman covered.

In this video, we're thrilled to showcase the incredibly versatile hair of our client, international model and globetrotter, Leanna Bartlett. Leanna's stunning looks are graced by Vered's line of Slavic hair extensions, an epitome of quality and a tribute to timeless beauty.

Watch Leanna as she journeys across the globe, her Vered extensions flowing, undulating from sleek straight to sensuous waves and vivacious curls. See how easily her hair transforms - partially up, crimped, or gracefully curled - embodying the versatility of our extensions, no matter the style or location.

Our extensions are more than just a product; they're an experience. They allow every woman to express her unique style, and Leanna's world tour is the perfect demonstration of their adaptability and durability. This video is your window to witness the true quality and extraordinary results you can expect from Vered Salon's hair extensions.

Click the button below to explore our world of Hair Extensions. Discover how Vered Salon can enhance your natural beauty and let you shine, just like Leanna. Uncover the secret behind her breathtaking looks, and learn how you too can style your life with Vered. Your journey to a ravishing new look starts here at Vered Salon. Welcome!

Leanna Bartlett in a short white dress, flaunting her long, mixed blonde, keratin bond hair extensions. Her natural hair and extensions blend flawlessly in a layered style, courtesy of Vered Valensi's skilled hand at Vered Salon.
Leanna Bartlett turning heads in her stylish white dress with black lettering, but it's her long, layered, mixed blonde hair extensions from Vered Salon that truly steal the show. Crafted with expertise and precision by Vered Valensi, her natural hair seamlessly blends with the keratin bond extensions, creating a masterpiece of luscious, vibrant beauty.

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