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Perfecting the art of blow drying your own hair

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Individual confidently handling a blow dryer, achieving salon-quality results at home.
Mastering the finesse: Unlocking the secrets to flawlessly blowdrying your own hair.

Everyone wants to perfect the art of blowing their own hair. Many customers complain about how they can never get their hair to look just as good as a hair stylist can when they try to do it themselves. Many of our clients come into our salon frustrated that they cannot get the results they were looking for when they try it at home. Although professionals are trained and constantly work on blow drying hair all day, the techniques can be easily taught and applied by customers with great results. Using the right products and tools is key! I always like to alternate my products in the shower, so I have what I need every time. For instance, when my hair feels dry, I use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and a hydrating/moisturizing mask to follow. When my hair feels too oily, I will use either a daily shampoo and a light conditioner or even a clarifying shampoo.

Below are my recommended procedures to successfully tame your hair with the blow dryer.

Recommended Procedure:

1. Start by removing the towel from your hair and spray your hair with a leave in conditioner. Always use a leave in conditioner since it helps to keep the hair shiny and soft.

2. Starting at the bottom of your hair. Use a large brush, or tooth comb, to brush your hair out completely.

3. Towel blot your hair again to remove the excess moisture. This will make it easier for you to blow dry it.

4. Apply a smoothing product to your hair. Use a dime or nickel size amount mostly in the front hair line. Using a smoothing product will also make it easier for you to straighten it.

5. Start drying your hair, using a nozzle, going from root to the end of your hair. Direct downward so that your hair cuticles lay flat.

6. Once your hair is 50% dry, take a flat paddle brush (large) and brush your hair starting from one side to the other at the temple of your head until fully dry. Repeat with brushing both sides.

7. Next bend your head over and brush your hair with the blow dryer following over making sure the hair line is straightening. The blow dryer should always be following the brush.

8. Flip your hair back to regular position and brush with the paddle brush.

9. Follow again with the blow dryer until your hair is fully dry and straight.

10. Use a finishing product on your hair from root to end.

For more tips and questions on "how to" send me your inquiries. I will try to immediately answer your questions so after visiting the salon you can accomplish the same results at home.

Remember that practice makes perfect! Have fun and good luck!


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