Best Hair Extensions

best hair extensions

​    Vered Salon

​                                  Hair Extensions Salon

Vered Salon is not your average salon, it is an appointment only salon..

Catering to Hair Extensions & color clients who are looking to have their hair done by an experienced professional that specializes in Hair Extensions and color, in a private VIP setting on Sunset blvd. in West Hollywood.

Wether you've had hair extensions done before or not? Vered will educate you on what are the best methods for you specifically, taking into consideration your hair texture, density, length, life style & desired end look!

 At Vered Salon, You will not have to go to another salon to either get your hair blended, styled etc. as Vered will create your whole look from A to Z!

If you have hair extensions already, Vered will remove them (no charge) and color your hair the same day, then apply new hair extensions, cut/ blend the hair extensions to your own hair and style.

When your done, you will be ready for a night out on the town!

Vered specializes in the individually bonded hair extensions with a keratin tip & Tape Hair Extensions, she uses her own line of Russian Hair Extensions which are the most sought after Hair Extensions on the market for an affordable price.

For more info. on Vereds line of Russian Hair Extensions, please call Vered Salon at 310-659-3030 or use the Contact form or consultation form to make an appointment either for a complimentary consultation or for Hair Extensions/Color..