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Specializing in KTip Extensions & VLight for Thin Hair ⭐️

A client flaunts her sleek K-tip hair extensions and rich hair color under the sunny sky.
Leanna Bartlett showing off her healthy, highlighted hair styled by Vered Salon.
Woman with long wavy hair showcasing K-tip hair extensions.
Woman with long blonde hair wearing a graphic print dress
A client with luxurious, long platinum blonde hair featuring V-light weft extensions, styled in soft
Woman in a red shirt with long straight hair extensions..
Woman in a lavender bodysuit with long blonde hair, posing with one finger on her chin.
Model in a corset bodysuit flaunts her keratin hair extensions and blonde hair."
Woman in a Santa outfit with vibrant red tape-in hair extensions.
Woman showcasing her blonde K-tips extensions and highlighted Russian hair.
Emily sports luxurious platinum blonde weft extensions with a beaded application.
Emily Sears smiling with her blonde hair freshly colored at Vered Salon.
Woman with long Russian K-tips hair extensions and multi-tonal hair color."
Smiling woman showcasing her voluminous weft hair extensions at a salon.
Beaming woman with curly blonde K-tip hair extensions and fresh hair color.
Woman with a bright smile sporting wavy K-tip hair extensions and a soft balayage.
Happy woman with beautifully styled hair extensions at a salon.
Content woman with blonde I-tip Russian hair extensions.
Angela enjoys her vacation with sleek black hair styled by Vered Salon.

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Featured Hair Services

KTip Extensions

Ktip Extensions

Ktip extensions are individual strands of hair attached using keratin bonds. This method provides a natural look and feel, blending seamlessly with your natural hair. Ideal for adding length and volume, Ktip extensions are perfect for fine hair, offering flexibility and durability.


Beautiful seductive woman with blonde highlights wearing a black workout suit with a black background.

Highlights are a hair coloring technique that involves lightening specific sections of hair to create dimension and contrast. This process adds depth and brightness, enhancing your natural hair color and providing a sun-kissed, radiant look. Perfect for adding a fresh, vibrant touch to your hairstyle.

V-Light Hair Extensions

vlight extensions shown on a model on her hairline. she has blonde hair a long lashes

V-Light hair extensions are like a little whisper of magic for your mane! Perfect for those of us with finer locks who've dreamt of thicker, fuller hair without the heavy feel. They blend in so naturally, giving your hair that gorgeous volume and length, making it look like it's all yours. Ideal for adding that extra oomph to your look without any hassle.

Vered Salon inside

About Vered Salon

Vered Salon, a gem in the city's heart, is the embodiment of passion, artistry, and the pursuit of beauty. Founded by the visionary stylist Vered, this salon is more than a place for hair care; it's a sanctuary where creativity meets elegance. Our mission is to empower each client to discover and embrace their unique beauty. We believe in the transformative power of a personalized hairstyle that not only reflects your personality but also enhances your natural charm. At the core of Vered Salon is expertise. Vered, with her artistic flair, stays abreast of the latest trends and techniques, blending them with timeless styles to create looks that are both modern and classic. Vered Salon is about the experience – a place to relax, rejuvenate, and emerge feeling more confident and radiant. It's not just about hair; it's about creating a journey of self-discovery and beauty. Welcome to Vered Salon, where every visit is a step towards embracing your true self.

Vered Salon hair extensions room
client testimonial Jamie_edited.jpg
a five star review from a satisfied customer for vered salon
a review from Supria Rosner showing her appreciation

Thinning Hair Solutions

Step right up to the Vlight spotlight at Vered Salon, where we weave a little magic into fine hair with our game-changing extensions. It's a smooth ride from "meh" to "wow" as we gently blend these feather-light wonders into your natural strands. And for those seeking the ultimate hair high, our hybrid method mixing Vlight and Micro Ktips is like hitting the jackpot in the volume department! 🌟

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