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"Vered Salon – Where Every Hair Dream Becomes a Reality!"

     Nestled in the heart of West Hollywood... a neighborhood is synonymous with stars and style - we're not just any hair salon. We're your personal oasis for all things hair. Despite being a stone's throw away from the bustling city life, once you step into our salon, you're stepping into a world centered around you. At Vered Salon, we pride ourselves on crafting 'The Whole Look.' Whether you're seeking a fresh color update or yearning for luscious, full-bodied locks, we've got you covered. Our very own Vered specializes in a custom technique for individually bonded hair extensions - a godsend for those with fine or thinning hair. Say goodbye to the idea of needing a wig, and say hello to fuller, natural-looking hair that lasts up to six months at a time. Even in the vibrant heart of West Hollywood, we've created an intimate, private haven, designed with one purpose: to focus on you and your unique hair needs. We're a retreat in the city, where quality reigns over quantity and the busy world outside stops at the door. Feel free to reach out to us for more information or to book an appointment. Better yet, why not come in for a complimentary consultation with Vered herself? She's looking forward to meeting you and helping you unlock your hair's full potential. Can't wait to welcome you to your own private oasis at Vered Salon, right here in the heart of West Hollywood!"​

"From the Playboy Mansion to Beverly Hills, our founder Vered has a story that's as stunning as her hairstyles. Click below to read more about our salon's exciting history!"​

Hair Extensions services

Micro Bond -Keratin

"A selection of keratin hair extensions displayed in a range of blonde tones, showcasing their glossy texture and quality."

Best for fine hair

Keratin hair extensions offer a durable, long-lasting option that can last up to six months without any maintenance fuss. Perfect for those seeking a hassle-free hair extension experience, keratin bonds attach the extensions to your natural hair using a special heating tool. This creates a robust bond that won't harm your hair. If you're on the hunt for a low-maintenance, enduring solution to achieve fuller, more voluminous locks, keratin hair extensions might be just what you need!

Tape In

 "Assorted tape-in hair extensions in a variety of shades from blonde to brown, laid out to display the gradient of colors."

Most affordable- quick install

Invisible Tape-In Extensions are an affordable choice for anyone looking to add some extra volume and length to their hair. These extensions use a special, virtually invisible tape that's gentle on your natural hair. With salon maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks, you'll only need to pay for re-application, making it a wallet-friendly option. If you're seeking a low-maintenance solution with a natural appearance and feel, Invisible Tape-In Extensions could be just the ticket!

Micro ring

 "Several bundles of ombre I-tip hair extensions, also known as Micro ring extensions, spread out to highlight their vibrant color transition."

Best Reusable

Micro ring hair extensions are a popular and gentle way to add volume and length to your hair. This method involves attaching small sections of extensions to your natural hair using small metal rings or beads, without the use of heat or glue. Micro rings are easy to adjust as your hair grows. 

BeadedWeft Extensions

"Bundled weft hair extensions laid out on a polished mirrored table, reflecting their high-quality texture and rich color."

Best for the most volume

Beaded weft hair extensions are a coveted choice for those seeking to infuse their locks with volume and glamour. In this technique, a weave of hair is fastened to the client's own hair using tiny beads strung onto a distinct thread. These beads are subsequently fastened to the natural hair, ensuring the weave stays securely in place, thereby creating a seamless and stunning hair transformation.

Nano Laserbeamer
by Hairdreams

hairdreams laserbeamer image.jpeg

Best for Length & Volume

The Hairdreams Nano Laserbeamer is a revolutionary device that takes hair extension application to the next level. This cutting-edge technology enables the seamless and precise application of multiple hair strands in one simple step. The result is natural-looking, voluminous hair with an undetectable blend. Offering unmatched speed and efficiency, the Nano Laserbeamer ensures a comfortable and rewarding hair extension experience, transforming your locks into lush, dreamy waves. Experience the magic of effortless, time-efficient, and incredibly durable hair extensions with the Hairdreams Nano Laserbeamer.

It's been over 4 years and I still go to Vered. She's my girl when I'm ready to go blonde. I literally wouldn't trust anyone else in LA to take me blonde, though I did recently have her take me brown and it came out wonderful. And let's not forget to mention her amazing Russian hair! I recently switched to tape-ins and I'm obsessed with the quality and her flawless technique when it comes to installing extensions. Thanks, girl for always keeping me beautiful

Brooke R.

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"Los Angeles Magazine LA Survival Guide edition"

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"Modern Salon magazine cover by Vered Valensi"

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"Celebrity Hairstyles magazine with Britney Spears"

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"US Weekly magazine with Jennifer Lopez"

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"The Simple Life poster with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie"

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"Seventeen magazine with Paris Hilton and her dog"

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"Nicole Richie in US magazine at Vered Salon"

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"Bridal Style Hairstyles magazine with bride on the cover"

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