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Hairdreams- Nano Laserbeamer

Fully automated hair extensions with the laser beamer NANO

Beautiful blonde, with long Blonde Hair Extensions, utilizing the Nano Laserbeamer by Hairdreams

Why the Hairdreams laser beamer NANO?

Effortless Strand Placement: The Laser Beamer NANO operates fully automatically at a simple button press, attaching up to 5 strands simultaneously in a mere 35 seconds.Unmatched Speed and Secure Attachment: Achieve a full hair extension in just 40 minutes, combining incredible speed with assured fitting.Ready-to-Use Cartridges: Save crucial preparation time with the pre-made strand cartridges (Hairdreams NANOSticks), ready to deliver immediate results.Expert, Customized Bondings: The uniformly integrated bondings can be tailored to every client's needs, ensuring a stunning hair flow, optimum comfort during wear, and the flexibility to design diverse hairstyles.Infinite Colour Choices: With Laser Beamer NANO strands available in over 40 combinable base colours, and any other imaginable colour available for custom orders, every colour preference can be effortlessly met.

The Attachment Points - Ergonomic, Imperceptible, and Invisible

Hairdreams- Nano Laserbeamer, uses an exceptional technique that guarantees precision and care for your hair! The petite, flat NANO bondings, made from a patented crystal polymer mix, gently envelop and safeguard your hair. Leveraging the latest NANO technology, these connections are evenly formed and can be swiftly and flexibly tailored to your unique head shape and hairstyle preferences. This approach ensures a truly personalized and comfortable experience for you.

hairdreams, image of cardridge with machine
hairdreams image of a small bond laserbeamer

The Installation - Swift, Dependable, and Trustworthy

The patented Laser Beamer NANO system is globally recognized as the fastest and most secure method for hair extensions. With a simple button press, you can incorporate 5 Hairdreams strands into natural hair in just 35 seconds.

Here's how the NANO bondings are installed:

- The connector heats up the crystal NANO bondings, allowing them to be molded.
- The sealer securely attaches the bondings to the natural hair.
- The NANO coating guarantees optimal durability of the connections, ensuring long-lasting results.

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